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Genie & LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Custom Garage Doors install and repair all makes and models of Residential Garage Door Openers. Our full line of automatic openers features a variety of power levels and specifications to handle different garage door weights and sizes. Each opener also comes with built-in, standard functions for the ultimate in safety, convenience, and power. Also Genie and LiftMaster offer a wide variety of additional garage door opener accessories.

Genie Models 6170 & 6070 feature our all-new wall mount design. The openers eliminate the traditional rail & powerhead design by attaching directly to the garage door’s spring tube.


Dependability, High-Quality Genie Residential Openers:

Today, Genie manufactures remote-controlled garage door opening systems and accessories for residential garage doors. The openers include advanced features such as a 140 volt DC motor, Intellicode remote access security system that automatically changes the security code to one of the billions of combinations each time the transmitter is activated, as well as the Safe-T-Beam infrared system that senses objects in the door’s path to prevent entrapment.

Open your World with LiftMaster Garage Door Openers:

Our Garage Door Openers do more than just open your garage door. They keep your family safe, your property secure and your life simplified. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of a LiftMaster® Garage Door Opener, you’ll wonder how you got along without one.


Find the Perfect Garage Door Opener that Fits your Needs:

No two homes are alike, whether you’re looking for a traditional opener, need one that can be remotely monitored, or require a wall-mounted style to help save on overhead space. We will work with you and find the ideal opener for you and your home. With Genie® and LiftMaster® residential openers, you can trust the powerful combination of Wayne Dalton garage doors with cutting-edge innovations designed with your convenience, safety, and security in mind.

  • We supply, install, and service Genie® and LiftMaster® door openers and remotes.

  • Quiet yet powerful automatic openers.

  • It is highly recommended for your Wayne Dalton™ garage door.

  • Convenient, secure, and efficient.

  • We have Genie® and LiftMaster® door openers for any budget.

Opener Repair / Service:

Garage door openers can begin to malfunction for a variety of reasons, especially in extreme hot or cold temperatures. We provide quality repair services to the Chatham Kent, and the surrounding cities.

We can help address a variety of garage door opener issues, such as:

  • Broken drive belt.

  • Drive belt misalignment.

  • Rusted or sticking parts.

  • Electrical Malfunction.

  • Back-up battery failure.

If your garage door has stopped working, the garage door opener may just need a simple repair or damaged.

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